WELCOME TO The Intendence Film Festival

Our mission is to provide an inclusive event that features the world-class talents of the Colorado film industry while acknowledging good filmmaking wherever it originates. We also encourage and recognize young/emerging filmmakers.

Our goal is to create an enjoyable experience for everyone involved, including filmmakers, attendees, local merchants, sponsors, volunteers and team members.

IFF 2015 will be held at the Open Media Foundation's Denver Open Media facilities, 700 Kalamath Street, Denver, CO 80204. The Intendence Film Festival Corporation and the Open Media Foundation are both 501(C)(3) nonprofits.


Oct 3, 2015 - Very Special Prom Tickets for Oct 16

Oct 3, 2015 - Entries for 2016 will open in late November..

Oct 3, 2015 - Download our 2015 Program Guide

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Oct 3, 2015 - Want to Volunteer?

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